Android Auto Cache Clear

The applications that are installed on your Android devices use cache memory of the device and hence help for speedy performance. With time, you will be installing more apps in your Android device and cache memory fills up with the increased usage of installed applications. This hampers the performance of your Android device. You will not be able to open the applications faster and can’t work on them instantly. You need to wait for each action that is being processed on the Android device. In such situation, you need to uninstall unused applications on your device which is consuming some memory. Sometimes, you will be having all important applications and can’t uninstall them. But lot of data might have been stored in cache with their usage. In that case, you need to clear cache on your Android device.

Cache can be cleaned on Android using the procedure given below:

  • Open Settings, select Applications and then tap on Manage applications
  • Select the App whose cache you want to clean
  • View the details of cache consumed by the App and select “Clear cache” option to clean application cache

You can clear application cache manually as given in above steps. Many of you might not be aware of this. With the new releases like Android 4.2 and other higher versions of Android, it is easy to clear cache.

But it is bit tough for you to do it by yourself on your phone if you are not a tech savvy. Because of this, you may be ready to compromise with processing speed of Android OS and do not clear cache. But you will have to face the consequences shortly. The applications on the Android device may start malfunctioning and the device may start hanging while usage. You will not be able to use your Android device as usual in a speedy way. In such situations, you need to clear cache on Android OS. Do not panic if you do not know or do not want to use the settings on your device for clearing cache. You will have the fear that you might perform some other action while clearing cache by pressing on some other option.

There is an alternative for you in that circumstance. You can use third party application to clean cache on Android automatically. Remo MORE software is the best auto cache cleaner for Android. You can auto clear cache on Android using this tool very easily with few mouse clicks.

Remo MORE to auto clear cache on Android:

Remo MORE software has simple wizard for operating on Android OS. It is available in Google Play store for free. You can clean your Android device cache without a single residue of data on it. This tool gives you the used cache memory size. You can clean it with a single click on your device. You can even perform lot of other actions on your Android device like cleaning history, free space and bookmarks. This application also has one click maintenance option. This program helps can be used to clean junk files, clean WhatsApp data, wipe SD card, etc. This comes with lot of useful features for maintaining data on your Android device. Get it now on your Android Smartphones and tablets to have its benefits.

Simple steps to auto clear Android using Remo MORE:

Step 1 – Download Remo MORE software and install it on your Android device. Run the utility and click on “Optimize” option to get the screen as shown in Figure 1. Then select “Privacy Cleaner” option from the screen.

Auto Clear Cache Android - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2 – Click on “Clean Cache” option from next screen as shown in Figure 2.

Auto Clear Cache Android - Privacy Cleaner Main Screen

Figure 2: Privacy Cleaner Main Screen

Step 3 – View the information of cache size in the next screen as shown in Figure 3. Then click on “OK”.

Auto Clear Cache Android - Cache Size Detail

Figure 3: Cache Size Detail

Step 4 – You will get the pop up which asks for cleaning cache in next screen as shown in Figure 4. Click on “OK” to clean cache or you can cancel.

Auto Clear Cache Android - Clean Cache

Figure 4: Clean Cache