Perfect Way to Restore Photos from Memory Stick

Memory stick, developed by Sony in 1998, is a type of memory card that is used to store digital images in digital cameras. There are many types of memory sticks like Memory Stick Pro, Duo, HD and Micro (M2). Their capacities range from 32 MB to 8 GB. Like other storage devices, memory sticks are also not spared from the situations of data loss. Mainly the users will have their favorite pictures stored on the memory stick & if they are lost then there is no chance of recreating them. But as the data loss scenarios are inevitable, therefore a proficient restoration tool is a must to restore photos from memory stick.

The tool will work perfectly to recover pictures from memory stick, under following situations –

  1. Deletion – Erasing a precious photo instead of some unwanted files, is the most common way of losing data. This kind of deletion can be a result of slight distraction while removing files. Sometimes user might also press “Delete All” option in place of just “Delete”, which results in the removal of all the pictures saved on the memory stick. To get back deleted pictures form laptop, visit
  2. Formatting the memory card – Format option in the memory stick of your digital camera is readily available to all the users with other options like eject and rename. Therefore, the cases of accidentally formatting the memory stick are very frequent to be seen. Sometimes the users format their memory stick intentionally to get rid of some virus infection or to make space for new files. This action can become a disaster if you don’t have a backup of the pictures and other files saved on it. To restore photos from memory stick in this situation, a third-party recovery tool will prove to be very helpful.
  3. Improper ejection – If the memory stick is improperly ejected or removed from the digital camera while previewing the pictures or while taking pics, then there are very high chances of the photos getting lost. Therefore, always make sure that memory stick is removed safely from the camera and all the opened files are closed.
  4. Capturing pictures on low battery – When your camera shows low battery and you still continue to take pictures using it, then the photos that you capture might go missing or will not save on the memory stick at all. This action might also corrupt the memory stick and you might lose previously saved data too. To retrieve photos from memory stick that are lost in this situation, make use of the digital picture recovery software.
  5. Transfer error – Suppose you are transferring some pictures from your camera’s memory stick to your system & this process gets terminated due to some reasons. Then the pictures being transferred are likely to go missing. The reasons for the interruption can be a sudden power surge, abrupt ejection of the camera containing the memory stick or system shutdown.

All these data loss situations are very common and the only way to avoid them is to keep a regular backup. But every time, taking a backup is not possible. What will happen if the pictures are deleted or lost before that? At that time digital picture recovery will retrieve photos from memory stick. This tool has a wizard style interface that is very easy to operate. That means even a non-technical person can recover pictures from memory stick, with just few mouse clicks. The tool is capable of recovering over 50 types of picture formats. To know especially about how to recover jpg files from any device, this tool will be helpful. If the photo format that you are looking for is not listed in the tool then make use of the “Add / Edit Signature” option to add that format.

This application is also useful to recover deleted photos from Windows computer. It can recover deleted pictures from hard drive within a matter of minutes. It can restore pictures even if they are deleted from Recycle Bin. To know more on how to recover pictures deleted from Recycle Bin, one can go through this useful information -

How to recover pictures from memory stick?

Step 1 – Download the demo version of the software and install it.

Step 2 – Select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen to retrieve photos from memory stick.

Recover Pictures from Memory Stick - First Screen

Step 3 – Then select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option. Now choose the connected memory stick and click next arrow button to proceed to the scanning.

Recover Pictures from Memory Stick - Choose memory stick

Step 4 -The tool will display the recovered photos list upon completion. These files can be viewed in “File Type View” and “Data View”. Preview the pictures and if you are satisfied then buy the full version to save those photos.

Recover Pictures from Memory Stick - Preview Photo

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