Windows 7 Memory Performance Optimization

The performance of computers will gradually reduce with time irrespective of operating system. It is a misconception that you cannot have slower system performance with latest OS. Hence, even Windows 7 computer users also face decreased speed performance problem. At the beginning, the system may be fast but when you start installing programs in it and saving your files on the computer, the speed performance decreases. What can be done then? You need to optimize the computer by finding the reason for slow performance.

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First of all try running performance troubleshooter on your computer. This helps you to find out the issues that are causing slow performance. After detecting the problems and fixing them. You can run troubleshooter using following procedure,

  • Click on Start button and select Control Panel. Then search for Troubleshooting and click on it. Then select Check for performance issues under System and Security.

There are other things which you can consider for increasing memory performance of Windows 7 like,

  • Uninstall and delete programs that are not being used by you. It consumes lot of disk space and power of processor
  • Enable only necessary programs to run on startup. Otherwise system really starts very late as it takes more time to load the programs
  • Defragment Windows 7 hard drive by analyzing the severity of drive fragmentation. You can do it using disk defragmenter feature on Windows 7
  • Perform Disk Cleanup which empties Recycle Bin, deletes temporary files and various system files that are not necessary for you
  • Keeping more than one antivirus program on your PC also slows down your system
  • Adjust visual effects on Windows 7 for better performance
  • Restart your PC at least once in a week. This helps clearing memory, this process closes errant processes running on the system
  • Check for viruses or spywares that might have entered your computer without your knowledge. This can be performed using Windows Defender or any other antispyware programs. The best way is to have an updated antivirus on your PC to prevent these attacks

Like above, there are many things that you can take an account of to improve memory performance of Windows 7 computer. But you cannot go on checking each and everything manually. Keeping this in mind, Remo MORE software has incorporated all the features that improve Windows 7 computer performance by optimizing the memory.

Remo MORE for optimizing Windows 7 memory performance:

Remo MORE software is a one stop solution for all your computer essentials. This can improve Windows 7 memory performance by optimizing its memory. This program has the option for optimizing memory by releasing some memory space on your computer. You can even schedule memory optimization process using an option in settings. This application is also capable of performing drive defragmentation, registry clean, drive wipe, etc. for improving system performance. This program can even be used to recover data, manage your data, enhance internet speed, repair your files, etc. Try the utility for free on your Windows 7 computers and make the most of it.

Easy steps to optimize Windows 7 memory performance using Remo MORE:

Step 1: Download Remo MORE software and install it on your Windows 7 computer. Run the tool and from main screen select “Optimize” option to get the screen as shown in Fig A. Then select “Memory Optimizer” option.

Optimize Windows 7 Memory Performance - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

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Step 2: Then you will get the details of memory usage as shown in Fig B. Click on “Optimize” option to optimize hard drive memory.

Optimize Windows 7 Memory Performance - Memory Optimizer Main Screen

Fig B: Memory Optimizer Main Screen

Step 3: Then you will get the information of released memory after memory optimization by the software as shown in Fig C.

Optimize Windows 7 Memory Performance - Memory Released

Figure C: Memory Released

Step 4: You can set periodic memory optimization by editing settings as shown in Fig D.

Optimize Windows 7 Memory Performance - Memory Optimizer Settings

Figure D: Memory Optimizer Settings

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